Battle of Midway: Why did the Japanese credit the Torpedo attacks with causing the American victory or why did Fuchida refer to Victory Disease as a critical factor in the Battle’s outcome?

Your Research Paper heading should be presented as this paper is set up, the research title, class section and your name, centered on separate single spaced lines. There is no need for a cover sheet or folder cover for this effort. Unlike this guide your paper should be double spaced between lines. This paper must be typed or word-processed to be accepted. Students will employ fonts no smaller than 8 (elite) or larger than 12 (pica) for the type size of the presentation. This font is 8. The first paragraph will define the Who, What, When and Where of the assigned subject in no less then two or more than four sentences. I want sharp, clear concise sentences and proper grammar structure. Try to keep the sentence length at less than a maximum of fifteen words. Please refrain from employing endless sentences and incorrect grammar. Employ spell check and grammar check and try to utilize the Writing Center to assist in structure and editing of the effort. Paragraph two should cite and explain the reason Why of the subject according to the secondary source you select as a control source for the paper. In citing sources for this effort in MLA, want the title, author, copyright date and publishing house named. This paragraph should run no more than three sentences of direct material or less.

Paragraph three should present the methods of How the effort or action was undertaken according to the secondary source. Each of these sentences describing How the effort is undertaken. You must have a minimum of three how’s for this assignment. Report every how presented like the opening sentence to a new paragraph. If there are ten how’s, I want ten sentences. Paragraph four should define the Result according to the secondary source. Paragraph five should employ the same format as paragraph two to cite and describe the Why from the Second College Level Primary Source. I will not accept anything that employs “dictionary, micarta or encyclopedia” in it’s title. Your sources must be of academically acceptable material for a college level course. Database sources must end in edu. gov. lib. mil. or org.. A dot com source is never acceptable. Wikipedia Sources will result in failure for the effort. Paragraph six needs to define the methods How from the Second Source in the order the author provides. Often the same reasons are given for how a structure or event took place but the order is different and this effects the context of the paper and the result. I want a sentence for each how listed or presented in the source. Paragraph seven needs to explain the Result as defined from the second source. Paragraph eight defines the Why from your third source. Again employ the structure of the second and fifth paragraph to cite this source and define it. Paragraph nine defines the How’s of the third primary source in the order and context presented. Paragraph ten explains the result according to the third source as structured in paragraphs four and seven. Paragraph eleven defines your interpretation of the resources. You will either state that according to your research and reflection you found one of the sources to most accurately reflect what you have discovered via critical thought to be the correct interpretation of the subject, therefore this is the defense of your selection or that because of your efforts none of the sources met your criteria for correctly defining or explaining the Why, How, and Result of the Subject assigned, therefore this is your interpretation of the subject assigned. This should be accomplished in no more than two sentences.

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