becoming parents: Choices and challenges

Cross-Cultural Research Paper (100 points) Select a family policy discussed in the textbook, and write a comparative analysis paper focusing on cross-cultural approaches to that policy. The purpose of the paper is to synthesize your learning of the cultural approaches to a family policy or law. Remember to identify major theories discussed in the chapter readings for your family policy. Example Topics: Compare and contrast birth rates and population growth, as it relates to family planning policies, in the United States and Japan. Discuss the theories that relate (i.e. individualistic culture vs. collectivistic culture). Compare and contrast maternity and/or paternity leave policies in (Country A) and (Country B). Identify and discuss theories that relate. Compare and contrast laws regulating death and dying in (Country A) and (Country B). Identify and discuss theories that relate. Requirements/Criteria: APA Format (see: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE GUIDE IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW TO WRITE IN APA FORMAT. 4-5 pages excluding cover page and references/bibliography. Use your textbook as a resource. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Upload your paper in a Microsoft Word document (.doc file) via “Assignments” in Laulima. Failure to submit a paper in a readable format will result in point deduction. I will not accept late papers. I strongly suggest submitting the document a day before the deadline, as to avoid any possible technical glitches or errors. Failure to follow directions and careless errors will result significant point deductions (i.e. spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.). Preferred language style US English

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