Biennial review of financial risk framework

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Perform an analysis of the company’s Free Cash Flow over the past two years (2014 and 2015). In your analysis, identify any major financial risks that have impacted your allocated company and discuss how these risks are expected to impact your company’s Free Cash Flow into the next strategic planning horizon of two years. How do these risks compare with those the next strategic planning horizon of two years. How do these risks compare with those experienced by the comparator firms?

Note: Your analysis should focus on the major business segments of your selected firm and include both qualitative and quantitative analysis. It will not be acceptable and could be deemed unsatisfactory to simply copy information from the risk management or financial instruments notes supplied in the 10-K report or annual reports.

For the purpose of this assignment, ASSUME that your Group is a team of treasury consultants who work for an advisory firm Treasury Risk Analytics (TRA). TRA is a boutique firm that specialises in the analysis of the treasury risk management practices of US listed companies. The company that you have been randomly allocated is currently performing its biennial review of its financial risk framework. The review should provide the company with the opportunity to enhance or to improve its cash conversion cycle, its capital structure and its financial risk exposures into the next strategic planning horizon of two years, and to also consider the suitability of the proposed modification to its risk framework with the implementation of an Earnings at Risk measure to assess its financial risks.

YOUR ANALYSIS SHOULD FOCUS ON THE MAJOR BUSINESS SEGMENTS OF YOUR SELECTED FIRM AND INCLUDE BOTH QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS.Please avoid direct copy of information supplied in the 10K report. All the analysis should follow supporting argument

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