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Generically modified (GM) foods produced through biotechnology methods are considered unsafe by some in the scientific community and they are often of the opinion that only organically grown foods should be consumed. Many foods are labeled non-GMO today and subject consumers to higher prices to purchase these products that claim to be organically grown and free of any bioengineering. Other agricultural scientists claim that even organic foods may have been created through farming practices such as hybridization or cross breeding and are not harmful to consume. And, still others believe the term “Frankenfoods” has created widespread distrust and is used as a scare tactic to cause consumers to turn to alternate food choices often at a higher cost.


For this assignment, read a scientific article or report about a GMO food(s) from an authentic source such as an .edu or .gov website.

Then, write 5 or 6 sentences and give your opinion about whether genetically modified foods should be consumed or not.

Things to make note of in determining an authentic website and source:

1. The credentials of the Author (Persons with a History PhD are doctors but are not an authentic source for biological issues.)

2. Is there a conflict of interest for the organization and the information released?

3. Is there contradictory information released by authentic sources?

4. Other red flags of non-authentic websites to look for can be found in this article: (Links to an external site.)

You are not required to read an article in a scientific journal but the article you choose to use as reference must be from a reputable source.

Write your view of GMO versus non-GMO foods in 5 – 6 sentences and in your own words. Include a photo of a non-GMO food with your posting (can be taken from the Internet or other sources – photo must be visible).  Include in your writing your thoughts about: Do you purchase food that is labeled non-GMO because you feel it is safer? Why or why not?

Grading Rubric:

Include in your posting
1) an Authentic source and your paragraph about consuming GM foods. This is worth 8 points (Choosing authentic sources to read should be an acquired life skill.) (No source given -3)

2) Visible Photo is worth 2 points. If only the description of the photo is visible (1 point)

3) Paragraph of at least 5 sentences worth 5 points.

This is a graded assignment worth up to 15 points.

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