Individually you will conduct a review on age related changes to the bio-mechanics of the hip, knee or ankle joint. Subsequently you will investigate how these changes in bio-mechanics may influence the resulting joint reaction forces and lubrication. From this you will discuss whether ageing is good or bad for the longevity of the joint replacement you have chosen. This is a challenging project requiring literature review and discussion with respect to your knowledge of the functional aspects of joint replacement. You are required to interpret clinical findings with sound engineering judgement in order to make your final conclusion. 

Success Criteria: A successful report will be written in 3rd person past tense and have a clear aim from the outset. The report will in addition have a focused literature review containing no irrelevant background material. The review will focus on specific areas with several references analysed as a whole and used to support a given theme of discussion, often with a summary table where appropriate. Subsequent discussions should summarise the clinical viewpoint(s) in the literature and findings should be supported or argued using fundamental engineering science to explain the relevant logical reasoning. Where appropriate, the report should contain a free body diagram or simple calculations to aid in the interpretation of fundamental science. Finally the report should have a concise conclusion that contains no new information and summarises the evidence thus answering the initial question posed.

Marking Scheme

– Style: 20% of grade. Style refers to the quality of grammar and general organisation within the document. This mark reflects how well the document flows when read. Each paragraph should contain only one discussion point which leads on to the next.

– Introduction: 20% of grade. Introduction refers to how clearly and succinctly the aims and objectives of the report are presented.

– Content: 20% of grade. Content refers to the quality of the reference material referred to within the document.

– Discussion: 20% of grade. Discussion refers to how well individual reference material is compared to the work of others and how well the work of others is discussed in relation to the general information about the functional aspects of joint replacement discussed within lecture materials presented within the class sessions. The mark reflects critical judgement. Discussion also reflects how the student demonstrates their own fundamental understanding of engineering science as applied to the report in interpretation of the literature.
Conclusion: 20% of grade. Conclusion refers to how clearly and succinctly the general findings are presented.

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