Bipolar Disorders

Description Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to explore a pathological disorder in depth from a neurological perspective. Emphasis should be on the biological basis of the disorder. Assignment: Students must select a topic that is of interest to them from the disorders covered in Chapter 12. (See list of topics below.) Remember that this is a course about brain and behavior. Your paper should emphasize the neurological aspects of your topic. Length: ≈ 1400 – 1500 words (not including title page and reference page). The assignment should include the following: 1. A title page that includes the assignment name, your name, course, instructor name, date, and word count. 2. An introductory paragraph that: 1. Introduces the topic and describes the topic. 2. Briefly describes the sections of your paper. 3. Body of Paper: The paper needs to contain: (a) basic background information about the topic. Your textbook will help you to start, but each topic is not represented equally throughout the book, so research will be required. (b) psychological (i.e. behavioural/mental) and clinical (i.e. treatment/prognoses) information can be included BUT the neurological aspects (i.e. biology) should be emphasized. It also needs to include: (c) recent findings on the neurological aspects of your topic. You will need to do a literature search to find this information. Along with the library database, USE science news sites like to find appropriate sources. (d) Articles should be within 10 years of the current year. (If a paper is older then 10 years but historically significant, please ask the instructor for approval to use it).

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