Blueprint to guide your early childhood education program

Directions The signature assignment for ED 101 is to create a blueprint to guide your Early Childhood Education program. This signature assignment should be a word-processed paper 3-4 pages in length. Complete the paper in Word and save it as a .doc file. Then submit it in Canvas. The content of the paper will be explained in the ED 101 Signature Assignment Template. The paper should demonstrate your knowledge of scholarly writing, Microsoft Word, and APA style, and should draw on the information you have gathered during this course about the requirements of the program and the resources available to you. The rubric for this assignment is posted in Doc Sharing; use the rubric to self-assess your work before submitting it. Chaminade Education Candidates The Education program prepares students who are able to demonstrate our Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).


Discuss why you have chosen this field of Early Childhood Education. List the courses you plan to take, and a tentative timeline for coursework. How will coursework support your role as an early childhood educator? What resources will assist you in your efforts, and how will you avail yourself of them? How will your program prepare you to be an educational leader and change agent? Program Learning Outcomes Successful teacher candidates in Chaminade University of Honolulu’s initial teacher licensure programs will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the following areas: Content Knowledge (Knowledge of subject matter) Developmentally Appropriate Practice (Knowledge of how students develop and learn, and engagement of students in developmentally appropriate experiences that support learning) Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Knowledge of how to teach subject matter to students and application of a variety of instructional strategies that are rigorous, differentiated, focused on the active involvement of the learner) Educational Technology (Knowledge of and application of appropriate technology for student learning) Assessment for Learning (Knowledge of and use of appropriate assessment strategies that enhance the knowledge of learners and their responsibility for their own learning)

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