Body and Contemporary Sexual Rights Rhetoric

1. Direct Action Project. 2. choose and name an issue or topic that you think warrants feminist intervention and that you want to build your final project around from the readings below. 3. discuss how your topic relates to our course material. 4. identify three course sources readings you might use to help you in your final write-up. 5. describe at least three different ideas for addressing the issue or topic you identified in step 2; what kind of action might you want to take? what will you use? who will be involved? when and where will you do it? do you need special permission? will you use technology – if so, how? 6. write a short paragraph about your current understanding of bodies based upon the materials we’ve covered thus far; incorporate at least one of the readings from this module into your response.- Chamberlain_Bodies.Out.of.Bounds_Autobiography.ofaBrown.Buffalo.pdf Fatisafeministissue.pdf Huff, Joyce L. 2009. Access to the Sky: Airplane Seats and Fat Bodies as Contested Spaces. The Fat Studies Reader. Edited by Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay. Pp. 176-186. 7. write any questions you might have for your peers as it relates to your proposed idea(s). Readings Read the following academic sources: Panelli, Ruth. 2010. More-than-Human Social Geographies: Posthuman and Other Possibilities. Progress in Human Geography 34(1): 79-87. morethanhumansocialgeographies.pdf Tallbear, Kim. 2013. Genomic Articulations of Indigeneity. Social Studies of Science. tallbear.genomicarticulationsofindigeneity.pdf Izugbara, Chimaraoke, and Chi-Chi Undie. 2008. Who Owns the Body? Indigenous African Discourses of the Body and Contemporary Sexual Rights Rhetoric. Reproductive Health Matters. izugbara.undie.whoownsthebody.pdf Williams, Erica L. 2013. Chapter 2: Racial Hierarchies of Desire and the Specter of Sex Tourism. Sex Tourism in Bahia: Ambiguous Entanglements.Williams.Erica.SexTourisminBahia.RacialHierarchy.pdf Theoretical Explanations,

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