Britain’s Counter Terrorism Measures and Prevent Policy

Criminology Dissertation

Have Britain’s counter terrorism measures and PREVENT policy been effective in countering terrorism and radicalisation? Or have they led to the rise of Islamophobia and marginalisation of British Muslims?

Framework of dissertation:
15000 word dissertation. Provide a discussion of your chosen topic and why it has been chosen (as it is very current and debatable topic); A detailed discussion of your chosen method � which is secondary data analysis (library-based);
A detailed discussion of the aims and objectives of your dissertation and how this relates to the current literature on my topic; A sophisticated critical analysis of the information being used and a conclusion. Both in text and reference list should be Harvard style. Referencing should consist of journal articles and relevant texts (current news examples where suitable) that are at an appropriate level

The dissertation must not simply provide a descriptive account of your chosen topic. Using the example of international terrorism, you should avoid simply describing what this is. Instead you should be working towards a �critical analysis� of this phenomenon. This involves analysing or evaluating the chosen subject matter. It also involves a degree of original thinking. Appendices must be kept to minimum.
This should include a synopsis of your study and should be no more than 250 words.Acknowledgments
Contents page
Introduction should clearly state what your dissertation is about and why you have chosen your particular topic. It should include the aims and objectives of your work and the main argument or focus of analysis. You should also include a brief summary of each chapter so the reader has a clear idea of what to expect.
Methodology section:
A discussion of methodology, which is secondary data analysis (library-based) must be included.
It would be a good idea to include a brief introduction and conclusion to each of your individual chapters. You should refer back to the main title of your dissertation throughout. Things to consider: Does the structure of your dissertation make sense? Is it easy for the reader to follow? Do the different chapters flow from one to the next?
In the conclusion you should reiterate the aims and objectives of your work and review how they have been addressed throughout the dissertation. You should also provide a review of your findings. Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion. The main point of the conclusion is to finally resolve and answer your research question(s) and suggest avenues for future research.about the topic:
the use of different definitions of terrorism to give a bit of background into the topic would be helpful to relate the practice of terrorism to its theoretical explanation.
moving on how terrorism has emerged in the UK and has led to legislation and policy changes (introduction of CONTEST- PREVENT). Arguing the issue of radicalisation and can radicalisation be prevented or those radicalised can be de-radicalised? and what are the issues with the concept of radicalisation?
moving on the dissertation should be the critical analysis of whether counterterrorism strategies and PREVENT have been successful in fighting terrorism and countering radicalisation. or the introduction of these new measures have secluded British Muslim community from the multicultural communities of the UK. is it precautionary measures or are they being targeted for being Muslims and British? Have these strategies been effective or have they pushed muslims towards extremism? there must be a constant balancing argument about pros and cons of PREVENT and counter terrorism measures. considering Britain’s war of terror and the budget it spends on counter terrorism and security along with the recent cases of young British students travelling to war zone countries to support extremism. then after all this has PREVENT been really successful. lastly what would be the future of counter terrorism and PREVENT strategy in the UK?

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