business brief


You are a member of the management group of your allocated virtual organisation. At a recent executive meeting, your CEO mentioned that the business should enhance its preparedness given recent events within and outside the business. Specifically, the reference was in relation to some reports and articles in the business press about a management-related issue. The issue may have implications for the industry as a whole, but more importantly for the business in the near future. Your CEO is interested in hearing more about the issue and has tasked you with finding out more information. 

Your task:

In Week 3, you will be given two pieces of information that will help you start on this assessment: 1) A virtual organisational profile and 2) A link to a sample article.

The virtual organisation profile (one page) that depicts an organisation has been written specifically for you from the case studies of several successful Australian firms that operate across a wide range of sectors/industries. Firm-related information provided in the profile has been de-identified and you can make more assumptions about the nature of the business, if need be. The profile will have an embedded “real world” issue/s in the short description that’s provided. 

The sample article given to you will help you with the context (see section above). The article will be focussed on a specific issue/s embedded in the profile. The article is just an example and should be used as a stimulus for further investigation of the matter. You should research the issue using the article and locate additional relevant pieces of evidence on the same topic. Summarise the key points about the issue across all pieces of evidence and think about what they may mean for your virtual organisation.


Write a concise (500 word) business brief that identifies and outlines the issue (i.e., ‘the what’? question and its implications). This would involve 1) introducing the issue using several sources of information; 2) summarising its key points, and 3) considering the implications for the business. Conclude with a short statement that sums up the main points of the brief.

Keep in mind:

This business brief will be distributed to all of the other members of the management group as well as the Senior Executive Team for the business, so it has to look professional and read well. They will be expecting a concise summary of the issue/s with respect to what it means for your organisation. Be sure to include a variety of sources such as the textbook and academic journals and business magazines to explain how the issue/s may impact your business.


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