Business Ethic

Part One: Approximately 1200 words (8 points)Recently, you gave a personal answer to the following question:“What one topic in business ethics do you feel you’d like to spend more time on because it is particularly interesting to you?”For the Final Exam, please write a paper on your topic that answers the following questions:1. What are the potential ethical problems in your topic of interest? Describe each problem in detail as well as the ethical dilemmas that arise.2. How does this ethical problem relate to managing ethics and CSR?3? What specific contextual influences will affect the behavior of managers and employees? 4. What firms have encountered this problem? How have they dealt with it? 5. What is your personal position on the topic? Why? 6. Based on your research and the concepts from this course, how would you deal with this ethical problem as a manager? Note: If you did not complete the quiz with your personal answer, or you wish to work on a different topic, your topic is one of: Ethics of crypto currencies.o Are cryptocurrencies ethical? Do they promote trust and general social welfare? Why or why not? The ethics of social media companies that derive their business model from using consumer data. Part Two: Approximately 1200 words (7 points)For this part, write-up your complete personal “credo” that you intend to use in your career as the leader of an organization. Your credo must be consistent with:A. Your moral foundations and personal valuesB. The creation and maintenance of an ethical “barrel”, and C. The concepts contained in BA354Then, describe how you arrived at the credo? What influenced you? Where did you find ethical dilemmas? As a leader, how do you plan to “enforce” the organizational and cultural values that are expressed in your credo?And finally, how will you ensure that you:A. Know your organization is operating in accordance with your espoused values?B. Communicate ethics to your organization?C. Continue to improve and grow your personal ethical-leadership effectiveness? Together, these two essays should be ~2500 words in total and counts for 15% of your total grade. I will use the same rubric that was used for the Challenge Papers.30% Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.70% Quality/thoroughness of analysis. Supported. Relationship to course materials (Does it tie?

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