Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

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The State of Corporate Governance at any listed company
The requested report shall answer the following questions based on the attached reports:

– Analyze and show evidence whether the corporate governance report describes in a clear way the role of the board of directors (BoD).
– Describe the structure of the BoD: size, composition, leadership, skills, etc.
– Does the BoD have the committees required by best practice corporate governance codes: Audit, Compensation, Governance, Risk Management, etc.
– Are these committees composed of the right people (in terms of skills and independence)?
– Did the BoD and the committees meet regularly during the periods you are considering? How often? How was director attendance?
– Does the company report detailed executive and director compensation? How much fixed compensation and how much variable compensation (bonus, stock awards, stock options, etc).
– Did you spot any conflicts of interest related to directors? How is disclosure about directors, conflicts of interest (affiliation, business and/or family relations)?
– Does the report provide detailed information about company ownership: major shareholders, executive and/or director ownership?
– Does the company report about business ethics  issues and corporate social responsibility?
– Does provide any narrative reporting on risk management? If so, to what extent?
– What is your overall assessment of the company’s corporate governance practice?

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