business excellence

– Assignment (5,000 words).

Students select an organisation of their choice, study, analyse and critique its current overall application of business excellence including practices, challenges, achievements … etc with a focus on their chosen area interest, e.g. excellence/TQM in HRM, in Finance and in Marketing.  Generate, synthesise and evaluate their findings and present their recommendations/suggestions for improvement and development based on the knowledge and skills acquired during the module.

(Focus on communication, Training, management commitments) 

*Which will have the impact on the performance of the company as:

-Customer satisfaction

-Increase in revenue

-Increase in the quality of the products.


Assignment Assessment Criteria


Your assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:


1. Selection of research problem

Introduction explains the significance of the problem for quality management and business excellence, including a rationale that is consistent with other literature, and specifically, several ideas and arguments advanced in the core text.


2. Literature review

A cogent evaluative review of the literature relevant to the identified research problem, making a new contribution to knowledge.


3. Analysis, main findings, conclusion & recommendations

An analysis and report of the findings based on relevant professional skills, techniques and practices of quality management that lead to a set of worthwhile main findings and innovative conclusion and recommendations.


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