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Customer’s complaints about the product or service quality.
· Team members get frustrated
· Work could be duplicated or not completed in the least
· Costs can increase
· Resources could be wasted
On the opposite hand, process improvement can cause many benefits.Here are just a couple of those benefits:
Higher efficiency and productivity levels: Continuous process improvements cause less inefficiencies and thereby leading to better productivity of team members (Conradi, & Fuggetta, 2002). Reporting and analytics offer some useful insights into delivery trends to eliminate any challenges, predict future issues, and adapt workflow processes for improved productivity. Visualizing the workflow enables project results in identify and address bottlenecks to enhance productivity.


· Faster time to market: Improving processes by adopting tools like Kanban boards and Gantt Charts can help companies deliver software applications and other products into production more quickly.
· Improved product quality: additionally to accelerating development, process improvements can cause higher product quality.. Business & Finance homework help
· Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty: Producing higher-quality products and delivering them during a timely manner can cause more satisfied customers.
· Improved employee morale: Inefficient processes are often highly discouraging for workers and weak business processes can cause the morale of even the foremost hard-working employees to say no if they begin to feel that each one their efforts are being overwhelmed by the issues of a system
· Competitive advantage: Continuous process improvements can help set companies aside from their competition
It is sometimes difficult to enhance software process thanks to following reasons:
1. Lack of knowledge-Many software developers aren’t conscious of best practices of industry.
2. Not enough time-There is usually a shortage of your time because upper management are always demanding more software of upper quality in minimum possible time.
3. Wrong motivations
There are four fundamental software process activities:
1. Software specification: within the software specification process activity customers and software engineers define the software to be produced.
2. Software development: In software development the software is meant and programmed as per the customer specification.
3. Software validation: Software validation of software process activity is checked the software to make sure that it’s what the customer requires.
4. Software evolution: Software evolution process activity includes the software modified to adapt it to varying customer. Business & Finance homework help

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