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Team Assignment

This assignment consists of an analysis of a strategic scenario – preferably a strategic challenge/failure faced by a firm chosen from your team member’s country. Choose a firm that is not your typical Apple, Microsoft, Google – you get the gist! The best choice of firm is one, which allows your team to make valuable and appropriate recommendations.


I suggest you review local business newspapers/journals to pick your ideal firm, which has suffered a catastrophic challenge and needs some serious recommendations for a turnaround – the best firms are easier to find than you might think. Seeking an appropriate challenge to provide your recommendations makes up part of your grade for this team assignment; so choose wisely.

Your task is to make recommendations on providing a turnaround strategy for the firm as a consultant and your report should reflect this – it is imperative that you apply appropriate models we have studied in our class.

The report should have an executive summary and should include your teams’ rationale for your firm choice. Ensure that you have at least incorporated the following in your submission:

  • Strategic analysis of the problem using appropriate tools
  • Industry structure focus – using appropriate strategic theories/models – planned or emergent which suits your thinking
  • Strategic inertia at your chosen firm which might have led to the problem?
  • Any strategic choices your firm made that got them into the ‘trouble’ they find themselves in?
  • Any strategic pivots or evidence of innovation under uncertainty?

Word count: 1500 report format  – please stick to this limit, it has been set for a reason.


Please note that as per Hult policy:

  • Only Word format will be allowed
  • You must upload the correct assignment file in the correct format before the deadline.
  • Any re-submission (due to corrupted version, illegible, wrong format or a ‘draft’) will be subject to the Late Submission Policy as follows:
  • Automatic letter grade reduction will be applied if the assignment is submitted past the deadline and no more than 48 hours after the deadline.
  • There will be NO opportunity to submit 48 hours after the deadline and an automatic F grade will be awarded.

A few more points to consider:

  • Submissions by email will not be accepted under any circumstances
  • Please do not leave submissions to the last minute as if you experience technical issues you will need to contact IT support and they may not be able to respond before the deadline if you leave it too late.
  • Please do NOT ask for exceptions to the above rules as they will NOT be granted
  • If you think your case deserves an exception please get in touch early.
  • It is your responsibility to sort out team issues – that is part of our learning for the class!

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