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1. Go online and find information on the World Trade Organization about and write two sentence about what you found interesting. Attach the web page ( a screenshot of the page).
2. At the end of chapter 6 under “Chapter Review” Business Scenarios and Case Problems is Case Problem 6-7. Answer the question in 4 – 5  sentences. The question is below.  Business & Finance homework help


  • 6-7.Criminal Procedures. Federal officers obtained a warrant to arrest Kateena Norman on charges of credit-card fraud and identity theft. Evidence of the crime included videos, photos, and a fingerprint on a fraudulent check. A previous search of Norman’s house had uncovered credit cards, new merchandise, and identifying information for other persons. An Internet account registered to the address had been used to apply for fraudulent credit cards, and a fraudulently obtained rental car was parked on the property. As the officers arrested Norman outside her house, they saw another woman and a caged pit bull inside. They further believed that Norman’s boyfriend, who had a criminal record and was also suspected of identify theft, could be there. In less than a minute, the officers searched only those areas within the house in which a person could hide. Business & Finance homework help
  •  Would it be reasonable to admit evidence revealed in this “protective sweep” during Norman’s trial on the arrest charges? Discuss. [United States v. Norman, 637 Fed.Appx. 934 (11th Cir. 2016)] (See Criminal Procedures.)

3. Write a paragraph about something that you wanted to find more information State what you found and write the new information.  This is NEW information – do not just summarize what I said or what you read from the textbook.  DO NOT just state “I wanted to learn more about X.” You write the answer to what you wanted to learn.  attached the file that u will get the information below. ( no outside source needs – write a new information based on what you read using your knowledge of the law in your own words)
4. Write a few sentences about a tort involved in any civil lawsuit in the united states only that has recently been in the news. Attach the news story. a screenshot of the page)  This a story by a reporter about real people in the news in the last couple of weeks.  Business & Finance homework help

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