Business & Finance Homework Help

Business & Finance Homework Help
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1. Use and reuse this paper each week. Review weekly feedback and make corrections for next week. Use this document in Weeks 2, 3, and 4.
2. Keep the content focused on your paper’s purpose. Writing in general or explaining how to find an average is unnecessary.
3. Weeks 2, and 3 are written in draft quality. The final paper will be graded in Week 4.Business & Finance Homework Help
4. Week 5 will use the Week 4 document in part to create the Week 5 presentation.


Business Decision-Making Paper

Week 2
Replace this text with your introduction.

Name and Description of the Company

Select a company where you work or with which you are very familiar. Use a pseudonym in place of the real company’s name.

Opportunity at that Company

The opportunity needs to be able to gather and analyze data to help you understand the issues better. The opportunity may be a persistent problem. This should not be a complex or major issue.

Why the Business Opportunity is Essential

What may happen if the opportunity is not improved?
The paper should be complete and in draft quality.Business & Finance Homework Help
Week 3

Research Variables

Identify one or two variables that could be used for data collection. Three examples.
1. Is there a difference in average productivity (DV) based on the production shift (IV)? The productivity and production shift are the two variables.
2. Is there a correlation in profit (DV) based on product sales (IV)? The profit and product sales are the two variables.
3. Is there a relationship between employee satisfaction (DV) based on the production shift (IV)? Employee satisfaction and production shift are the two variables.

Collecting a Suitable Sample

Collecting data is not required, but this sampling design could be used. Business & Finance Homework Help

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