Business plan

4500 words (Business plan with Executive Summary) Produce a business plan report suitable for consideration by the management team of the case study RaisinAble in the context of the strategic challenges facing the company. Business plan / consultancy report must cover: a) Identify, explore and evaluate alternative strategies for developing the business. b) In undertaking (a) above, research the relevant ‘real world’ industry, market and business environment the company is situated in. A combination of relevant real world primary and/or secondary research to provide the basis upon which your strategic choices are made. c) Arising out of (a) and (b) above, set out a compelling five-year business plan report designed to enhance shareholder value. You may use your own definition of shareholder value but must explain and justify it. The plan may identify a range of strategies for consideration but should ultimately put forward your recommendation with evidenced justification for why the proposed is the best way forward. d) Identify specific KPIs to assist in measuring to what degree shareholder value is being enhanced. e) Review your proposed plan, and identify and assess the key risks within it. You should include graphs, tables and figures within the main body of the report where appropriate. To include extracts of spreadsheet planning tool results within your business plan report to strengthen your justifications and evidence. If you carry out primary research you should include relevant extracts within the main body or an appendix as part of evidence of carrying out that primary research and appropriate analysis. Secondary research should be referenced appropriately. Marking Guide: – Overall contextual research into the relevant industry, market and business environment (15%) – Use of primary and / or secondary research to justify the strategic options(s) being set out for the company (15%) – Definition and justification of shareholder value for case study company (5%) – Recommended strategies and justifications of those strategies (15%) – Case study and company specific KPIs justifications (10%) – Identification and assessment of key risks within proposed plan (10%) – The quality of the business plan taking account of cohesion, links with your research, evidence, justifications, and associated considerations (25%) Note: this will be assessed using the assessor’s academic judgement of the submission presented. – Overall communication (5%) Note: this will be assessed using the assessor’s academic judgement of the submission presented.

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