C376 Management Information in Business

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Your own organisation* is seeking to further develop its capability as a ‘digital business’. Being aware of your study of C376, the senior management team has asked you to act as a key consultant with respect
to the achievement of this aim.
Your task is to draw up a suitable digital business strategy for the organisation, giving critical consideration to its digital business goals and needs, and providing suitable explanation and justification for the plans which you propose.
* or another organisation with which you are familiar
Explain and illustrate your answer in no more than 2,500 words. This limit includes tables and captions but excludes footnotes, endnotes, tables of figures and references. Answers that exceed this limit will result in a loss of marks. Full details of penalties for late submission, exceeding the word limit and other information can be found at the end of this assignment.
Your assignment should be submitted via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) hosted on Moodle to The Centre for Financial and Management Studies no later than 30th August 2016. Full instructions are available on the VLE.
Student Assignment Guidelines
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of the first half of the C376 course, by means of the development of plans for a suitable digital business strategy. In undertaking this, you need to critically consider the aims/goals of such a strategy, the approaches which the organisation might take, and the processes which the plans should incorporate and how these should be applied. Such choices and plans also need to be suitably explained and justified. (In this respect, you might find it useful to consider both shorter-term and more long-term aims and strategies.) This is a broad assignment, which draws on concepts discussed across Units 1-4 – although parts of Unit 3 are, naturally, of particular importance – and you should also seek to support your answer by referring to relevant literary sources and appropriate evidence. (Since Unit 4 comes towards the end of the first half of the course, you will
need to plan your work carefully in order to be able to submit your assignment by the deadline.)
(Please also note that, whilst your confidentiality is assured, if you are concerned about writing a potentially critical and sensitive report on your own organisation, you can refer to it by a hypothetical name – or, for example, ‘Organisation X’, followed by the generic term ‘the Organisation’ – providing you make this course of
action clear in your Introduction.)
The following section identifies the mark allocations and suggests a possible way of approaching the answering of the assignment question. You should commence your paper with a clear introduction. This should immediately engage with the key general debate (and related issues/notions) which frames this assignment, before briefly outlining the nature and contexts of your selected organisation and setting out the structure of the rest of your paper (and, if
desired, identifying your key thesis/conclusion).
(This introductory section is worth 10% of the available marks, therefore it should, ideally, be around 250-300 words maximum.) From this basis, you then need to develop the main body of your report. Through the critical consideration of a range of pertinent issues and by the application of concepts and frameworks from the C376 course, this should set out an appropriate digital business strategy for the organisation to adopt.
(This main section of your paper is worth 80% of the total available marks for the assignment.)
Finally, you should terminate your paper with a clear and apt conclusion, which should both summarise your key findings and suitably project forward to the future. (This concluding section is worth 10% of the available marks.)
Higher marks will be awarded for:
 Strong linkage between relevant key C376 course concepts and models and the creation of a suitable digital business strategy for your selected organisation, and the incorporation of suitably critical levels of analysis and evaluation.
 The presentation of a lucid, critical, and suitably balanced debate, with clear recognition of the organisation’s contexts and the opportunities and challenges which it faces in seeking to become a ‘digital business’.
 The use of relevant, applied illustrative material (tables, diagrams, etc.), together with reference to a variety of appropriate literary sources and suitable evidence, in order to effectively support your discussions.
 The provision of a clear digital business strategy for your chosen organisation, incorporating a range of apt, fully justified plans and approaches by which it can seek to further develop as a ‘digital business’, with any relevant caveats.
 Critical appreciation of the ‘broader picture’ (as well as the specifics of the selected case organisation) and the utility of the concepts and models which you apply in formulating your digital business strategy. Your assignment must be properly referenced. Further information on referencing (ie the Harvard system) is available in the Studying at a Distance textbook by Talbot and on the Virtual Learning Environment.

All assignments submitted must be your own work and written in your own words. Where you have used quoted material, you must make full reference to it. You must cite all references used throughout your work at the end of your assignment. Advice on what is classified as plagiarism and the action taken against this can be found in
the University of London Regulations and on the Virtual Learning Environment.
Submitting Assignments
Students are required to submit their assignment in one place only on the Virtual Learning Environment using TurnItIn, the plagiarism detection software. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Virtual Learning Environment on your module assignment page.
Please see the information below for the current policy on penalties.

Word count & Over length Assignments
The specified word count for the assignment includes tables and captions but excludes
footnotes, endnotes, tables of figures, and references.
Over length assignments will be penalised as follows:
Up to and including 10% – 5 marks.
Between 10% & 20% – 10 marks,
Between 20% & 30% – 15 marks.
Over 30%. The assignment will not be marked but will be given a grade of 0. In the case of assignments that are not essays, alternative but commensurate limits and penalties will be applied to over-length submissions
Referencing and Citation
Students are expected to use the Harvard system of referencing. Incorrect referencing can lead to penalties and if a student is found to have plagiarised other work it is an examination offence. For this reason, all assignments must be submitted to TurnItIn which checks your work against existing books, journals and other student assignments.
The penalties for plagiarism are set by the University of London. Please see the Virtual Learning Environment resources on Referencing and Citation for detailed examples of how to reference correctly to avoid unnecessary deductions.
Eligibility for examination
Should a student sit an examination without having submitted the required number of assignments, the examination entry and/or examination result will be declared invalid.

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