Capstone Week 2 Project

  Project: Exploring Positions in the Field, Part 1 This week, you will begin a Project assignment that you will complete and submit on Sunday of Week 3. In this assignment, you will choose three jobs in the child development field that truly interest you and interview three people who have these jobs. For instance, if one of your choices is the job of children’s librarian, you will need to interview a children’s librarian. After you conduct these interviews, you will summarize your findings, reflect on what you have learned, select the one position that you feel best aligns with your goals, and explain how and why this position represents a good fit for you. To complete this assignment: Use the websites provided in the Learning Resources, your reflections in Week 1, your work in this week’s Discussion, and your past learning and experiences to help you choose the three professions/jobs you are interested in learning more about. Examples include: art therapists, child-life specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, higher education faculty, children’s book authors and illustrators, bilingual family liaisons, psychologists, social workers, museum specialists, librarians, educational writers, camp counselors, after-school program directors and workers, classroom aides, tutors, teachers, and more. Contact and set up in-person or telephone interviews with professionals who hold each position. Download and use this Informational Interview sheet to conduct your interviews. Write a summary of each of your interviews. Identify the one job that most interests you. Then, explain why this job appeals to you, i.e., how it aligns with your philosophy, specific theories of child development, principles of effective practice with children and/or adolescents, and/or methods of working with young people and their families learned throughout the program. Also include the contribution(s) this position will help you make to the field and the ways in which it will help you grow personally and professionally. (Note: The Week 3 Discussion provides an opportunity for you to reflect and interact with colleagues regarding this choice. You may find it helpful to visit the Week 3 Discussion area before completing this part of the assignment.) Assignment length: 4–5 pages The completed Project is due Sunday of Week 3. Please see the Week 3 Project area for submission instructions. You have completed Week 2. Please proceed to Week 3. 

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