Capstone Week 4 Project

  Project: Developing a Resume and Cover Letter Part 1 Your program of study in the bachelor of science in child development has prepared you academically for positions in the field of child development and/or to further your education for jobs that require advanced degrees. Now it is time to hone your skills in getting a job in the field by creating a resume and cover letter that will distinguish you from the competition and make employers want to hire you. For your Project this week, imagine that you are applying for a specific job of your choice in the child development field (it can be the same job you selected for the Week 3 Discussion and Project). In order to apply, you will need to develop your resume and write a cover letter. Using this week’s Learning Resources and your knowledge about the job, complete the following: Develop your resume. (Use the format and include information that you feel best fits your purposes.) Write a cover letter to accompany your resume. (Be sure to state what the job is in your cover letter. Also, for the purposes of this Project, take your imagination one step further and come up with a fictitious person and workplace to address your letter to.) By Wednesday: Post your cover letter and resume to the Doc Sharing area of the course, so that your colleagues can review your cover letter/resume and provide feedback to you during this week’s Discussion. Save your cover letter and resume as a single Word file as P4draft+last name+your first initial. For example, Sally Ride’s assignment filename would be “P4draftRideS”. Upload your file to the Doc Sharing area. Then, proceed to this week’s Discussion. Proceed to the Discussion after uploading your cover letter and resume to Doc Sharing. Part 2 By Sunday: After participating in this week’s Discussion, revise your cover letter and resume according to suggestions you find helpful. Submit your revised cover letter and resume. Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week. After you have completed the Discussion and the Project, please proceed to Week 5.  

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