Careem Case

At Careem, our mission is to simplify the lives of people, initially through solutions that make transportation in the region reliable, and over time, through disruptions in payments and logistics. In the process, we want to build an organization that inspires and becomes a world-class institution from the region.

We have had a phenomenal start. Founded in 2012 by former entrepreneurs and McKinsey alums, Careem is an innovative transportation service operational in 43 cities from Morocco to Pakistan. With 20%-30% monthly growth, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the region. Our recipe for success has been a team that thrives on challenges, is passionate about solving problems, is not afraid to work super hard, and is a true partner in the company through generous stock option grants. We have attracted strong regional and international investors and are positioned on the cusp of significant scale. Read more about us in the New York Times or Arabian Business.


1) As an HRBP at Careem, what would be your strategic priorities in the following areas:
a. Compensation & Benefits 
b. Performance Management
c. Talent Management 
d. HR Systems
e. Employee Engagement

2) How can HR help create and sustain a high-performance culture at Careem?

3) HR at Careem currently operates under a Business Partnership model. Would this be the optimal HR setup for a growing startup like Careem and if not how else should the setup look like?

4) Collaboration is one of Careem’s key values, what would be the role of HR in enabling collaboration? What action plans can be put in place and how can success be measured?

5) How can the culture at Careem be best described in your perspective? How can it be fostered in a regionally spread out and very virtual working environment like Careem? What other company cultures are you inspired by and why?

This PowerPoint has to be creative with a strategic and operational focus. Please have the freedom to get creative. Careem is a new start up that is a flat organizational structure and likes to get creative in how they operate their HR to empower their please. Please look up Careem as there is a lot online/YouTube/articles and tie in the Mission, Values and their love for technology and people.

This HRBP position will be the HRBP for the Tech part of the business managing the Product and Engineering Teams – very smart and advanced individuals.

This is for a job interview.

No referencing required.

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