Career exploration paper

You will complete the kuder journy asseseement (Career Interest, skills confidence, work values). Please write a self-reflection essay analyzing your results. The Reflection Essay should be: 2-3 pages typed, Times New Roman Font, 12 Font, double spaced. In your paper, you will answer the following questions in 5-8 sentences minimum per question: 1. What you learned about yourself and the different career options you were presented with? 2. What new areas might you explore and why? 3. How do you interpret the results for yourself? 4. Discuss two of the “program descriptions” for the majors you have chosen or that you are considering? 5. What schools will you research further for transfer? You will attach printouts from the Kudor Journey Assessment to include the: Kuder Assessments Summary, Two Occupation Summaries All of these pages must be attached to your paper. Here is my Kuder Journey account; ID: David Han Passward: tkfkdgo1 Information about me: I am College student who want to transfer to UC Irvine as psychology major.

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