Career Paper: Neonatal Nurse

   PAPER 20% · Based on the results of the career assessments/inventories, along with their personal interests, students will pick a career to research. ·          · 1st     paragraph – WHAT IS IT? o What is the     career? What does this career look like (i.e. what are the job’s duties; what does     a typical day entail)? o What     professional skills are required? What experience is required? o Who are the     top organizations that offer the job? o How much is the average income?  o How prevalent (common) is this career today? What     is the present demand for this career? Will there be a strong demand (job     growth) for that career in the future? What are the trends that could     influence the demand in the future?  o Is this career regional (specific to certain     parts of the country/world)? Will there be local jobs in that field, or     will you have to relocate?  o What     chances of advancement/promotion are there in this career? What is the     typical career path of the job? · 2nd     paragraph – HOW WILL YOU GET THERE? o What amount of college/university work (degree     type) is required? What type of educational degree is most useful? § How long will this education take? (i.e. will     you have to work fulltime/PT/not at all and how many courses can you take     in 1 semester) § How much money $ will this education require?     Where will you get the money? (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships, parents,     work) o Are there internships available that will expose you     to the job so you can try it out? o Do you know     anyone who currently has that job? If so, what advice can/will they share? · 3rd     paragraph – WHAT WILL IT DO FOR YOUR     FUTURE? o Based on your inventory results and knowledge     of yourself, do you have what it takes to be successful in that field?  Who will this career serve? o What is the personal value of this career?     Will you find satisfaction in that career and will it be fulfilling?  o Will the job pay enough to maintain the kind     of lifestyle you want? (marriage, children, house, cars, vacations, charity,     retirement, savings) o   The student must turn in a 2-3 page research paper over the career topic. In addition, the student must turn in a Works Cited page. The paper should address some of the following… · The paper must be typed (black ink, white paper), 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and double spaced. It should be left justified with new paragraphs/sections tabbed/indented.  The paper must be written in MLA 8 format.  · The title of the paper should be the career you are researching. See Purdue Owl at for helpful information on formatting your paper. You can get help at for help with citations. Citations MUST be included in MLA 8 format (if there are no citations, you have plagiarized). You should have in-text citations and a Works Cited page which must be done using the MLA 8 format. The entire paper (text of paper and Works Cited page) must be in MLA 8 format 

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