Career Practitioners




As a careers professional in any field – education, corporate or private practice – you need to competently manage information and resources. The CICA Professional Standards detail these as competencies 6.3.6 and 6.3.7 (See information below).


These competencies refer to both the information and resources that practitioners provide for students or clients, and the management within the practice of client records and business documentation. Read through each section of these competencies, and make a note of what evidence you could provide to demonstrate each competency within your own practice.


Question: When you will eventually work as a Career Development practitioner, what are some of these competencies that you will find challenging to meet – possibly due to pressure of time or expense? (500 words)




CICA Professional Standards


6.3.6. Information and resource management


These competencies address the need for systematic, efficient and effective information and


resource management in the work or career development practitioners.


6.3.6.a. Collect, analyse and use information


• identify trends and opportunities


• access and exchange information relevant to one’s practice


• maintain, retrieve and interpret information effectively to assist individuals


• increase access for individuals to services and information


• remain current in the career development field


• develop information management strategies


6.3.6.b. Keep up-to-date with technology


• remain current and relevant in practice and services provided


• help individuals use relevant information technology resources and tools


• recognise the impact that e-commerce and diverse technologies are having on the world of work


• use appropriate forms of electronic communication




6.3.6.c. Identify the major organisations, resources and community-based services for


career development


• promote lifelong learning


• address the needs of those individuals with unique needs


• identify service gaps in the community


• make appropriate referrals





6.3.7 Professional practice


These competencies address the practices required to maintain Professional standards in the


work of career development practitioners.


6.3.7.a. Maintain client records


• monitor the individual’s situation and progress


• store information that can easily retrieved for decisions or future needs


• maintain individual confidentiality


• highlight the importance of record-keeping in case management documentation


• understand the implications of record-keeping, including legal implications


6.3.7.b Evaluate the service provided to clients


• improve practice and accountability


• measure and improve individual satisfaction


• identify new services


• provide evidence to assist in service promotion and enhancement


• identify inequities in service delivery





6.3.7.c. Use planning and time management skills


• fulfil responsibilities to individuals, colleagues, employers and self efficiently and effectively


• understand own limitations and boundaries


• foster self-care






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