Career Reflection

   Please read carefully. All the questions have to be answered. Please understand this assignment  Step 1: Career Exploration Explore job industries by conducting research on the type of careers that use your interests and skillset. Occupational Outlook Handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., is a great web resources for career exploration, job analysis, and education requirements.  (When you click on the link above, on the left side is a list of careers, the career that interest me is labeled Education, Training, and Library Occupations any one of the careers in the education list is fine) Write a paragraph to answer the following questions: · Does the career you want pay a salary that meets your needs? · Will you need any additional training or schooling? · Will it offer you opportunities to advance?   · Is the career you are considering likely to exist when you are ready for a job? Step 2: Determining Your Non-Negotiable Items · To help get you started, think about the minimum salary you need to have, where you want to live, and desired work hours.   Must Have 1. Salary 40,000 or   more                                                           2. Good health benefits   3. Traditional work   schedule Do Not Want       1.To Drive a long   distance 2. To work Holidays  3.? Step 3: Pulling it all together – Write your goal Now that you have explored industries and occupations, and written down your non-negotiable items, what is your future career goal?  In your final paragraph, state your career goal. Be as specific as possible.  The following is an example of a specific career goal: I would like to become the director of a large childcare facility utilizing my organizational skills, my education in child development, my ability to work well with others, my leadership qualities, and my love of children. Since I have a family, I must have a salary of $30,000 or more, work within 15 miles of Phoenix, Arizona, and work a traditional work schedule.  Above is an EXAMPLE ONLY    ;FD

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