CASE PLAN( You will need to study the case vignette and answer the questions based on the information in the vignette).

Questions test your ability to form an action plan to address the issues presented in the vignette. Utilize group knowledge and research. It is not necessary to copy the entire question but answers must be numbered. Case Vignette Roberto is a 26 year old Portuguese male. He lives on his family’s dairy in his own house with his boyfriend of 3 years who he met while attending COS. His family is aware of his sexual orientation but they try to ignore it and refer to his boyfriend as his “roommate”. He was sexually molested by his uncle who worked on the family dairy. Roberto was molested by his uncle from the age of 10 to the age of 16 and has never told anyone about the abuse. Roberto’s uncle is now sick and dying and Roberto’s parents would like for his uncle to move in with him while he is sick so that he can be taken care of by the family. Roberto is unsure of how to feel or what to do about this situation and his dying uncle so he went to the Health Center on campus to receive counseling. Roberto has a 9 year old son named Nicholas who was born while Roberto was still in high school, a year after the molestation stopped. Nicholas lives with his mother primarily and spends the weekends with Roberto. Roberto is hesitant to let his uncle live with him and fears for the safety of his son. Roberto would like to bring his parents in to therapy with him so that he can tell them about the molestation and explain why he does not want his dying uncle to live with him. You are responsible for performing an intake and providing supportive services to Roberto. When Roberto first comes in, he has difficulty talking and gets very emotional when attempting to tell to you about his situation. Case Plan Questions 1. What do you need to do to set the stage? 2. A. List 10 questions that you are going to need to ask to fully assess this person. Use only open-ended questions; yes/no or one-word answer questions will not receive credit. B. Answer each of the questions as if you were the client. Be creative. 3. What are 2 motivational questions you would ask? 4. What legal and ethical issues do you need to address with her in the informed consent? 5. What do you do to calm him down? 6. What would you do with his request to bring his parents in? 7. What are you going to do for self-care? 8. What 3 concerns and issues do you have with this case? 9. If you do want to talk to someone about this who would that be? 10. If Roberto started bringing you cheese from his family’s dairy how would you manage this issue? 11. How are you going to support Roberto? 12. What 3 community referrals would you provide for Roberto to address the concerns you listed in number 8? Be sure to include the address, eligibility, cost, and phone number for the referral. ( Must be in tulare Ca, Visalia CA) 13. Chart the case information in SOAP format. 14. Would you see the uncle if the client requested that he come to therapy? Why or why not?

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