Case study reflection and evaluation

Case Reflection and Evaluation Paper READ THIS BOOK….Tweak: Growing up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff……. and complete a case reflection and evaluation paper on the material. fill in assessment forms… the book listed can be found at a public library, the campus library, on-line, or at any bookstore. The entire book must be read and cliff notes will not be allowed. The case reflection and evaluation paper should answer the following questions: 1). How did the content relate to the disease concept of addiction? 2). What were the risk factors that may have led the person to chemical dependency? 3). Would you diagnose the person with a substance use disorder? If so, why? 4). What was the impact that this person’s drug abuse/addiction had on his/her family? 5). Did the person get sober? How many times and how? 6). If they relapsed, what did that look like? 7). How does the person feel about being in recovery? What was the ending to their story? 8). If you were working with this person/family, what services would you provide and why? What treatment do you think this person needs? This paper must be 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages. This page limit does not include the required assessment forms (assessing for a substance use disorder, mental health status, family history, etc). Please use 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman. Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar and punctuation errors, and APA formatting is required. Please include a title page and page numbers. An abstract is not necessary. Addiction Severity Index and Clinical Assessment Name AKA Date of Interview Sex Race DOB Age Date of Entry SECTION I: Criminal History 1). Have you ever been arrested? If so, how many times have you been arrested? 2). What have you been arrested for? SECTION II: Social and Family History 1). Are you currently married? ____ Yes ____ No 2). If not, are you currently involved with someone? 3). How long have you been with your partner/spouse? And, describe your relationship with him/her? 4). Where and with whom have you been living with over the past year? 5). Describe your relationship with your family (Who do you consider to be part of your family, how well do you get along with your family, how do they feel about your substance use?). 6). Do you have children, and, if so, how many? Also, what are their names and ages? And, who currently has custody of your children? 7). Have you ever been emotionally abused by a family member, friend, or partner? If so, what happened? 8). Have you ever been sexually abused by a family member, friend, partner, or stranger? If so, what happened? (Sexual abuse can include sexual harassment, molestation, fondling, rape, etc… It would also be appropriate to include information about prostitution here) 9). Have you ever been physically abused by a family member, friend, or partner? If so, what happened? Section III: Mental Health 1). Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, what have you been diagnosed with? 2). Are you currently on medication for a mental illness? If so, what medication are you on? 3). Have you ever attempted suicide? If so, when did the attempt(s) occur and what happened? 4). Have you ever self-harmed in any other way (ex. cutting, branding, pulling out hair, etc…)? If so, how long has this behavior been present and when was the last time? Section IV: Substance Abuse 1). Have any of your relatives had what you would consider a serious drug or alcohol problem? If so, who? 2). How old were you the first time that you used alcohol? 3). How old were you the first time that you used an illegal drug? What did you use and how much did you use? 4). What do you consider to be your drug of choice? How often and how much of this substance do you use? 5). What other drugs do you/have you used? 6). Have you ever overdosed due to your drug use? If so, when and how many times? 7). Have you ever experienced health problems do to drug use? If so, what were they? DSM-V Criteria for Substance Use Disorders

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