Casebook for Dramaturgical Project (DRAMA 40A)

Casebook for Dramaturgical Project (DRAMA 40A)

For the final project, you can choose to work either on a thesis-driven paper or a casebook for a dramaturgical project. This is a guideline for a casebook created for an imaginary production of the play you have chosen. Specific information your casebook should contain includes: 1. Personal Introduction: A personal introductory paragraph about the play—why it interests, attracts and involves you; why it is important to produce at this particular time; what the play’s strengths and weaknesses are as a work of art. 2. EF Analysis: A detailed EF analysis, including “the story that the story tells.” 3. Research Topics: A comprehensive list of topics to research generated by your reading of the text and your own ideas. Please provide detailed description and interpretation of the research topics and explain the reason why you think these topics interest you. (For example, if you want to do a Lysistrata with an all-female cast, explain why you want to do it and how to make it work. How does gender function and how is gender manifested in this play and in this specific production?) 4. Creative Research: Include at least five pieces of essential creative research, explaining in detail how each illuminates the play. The pieces can be either in the forms of video, image or music. 

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