Chapter 10 of Schweninger’s Imagic Moments: What would you add to Schweninger’s interpretation?

Answer questions on either Chapter 10 of Schweninger’s Imagic Moments. In both chapters, Schweninger attends to the interplay of narrative fiction and documentary style. Once you have answered the questions, please include your evaluation of Schweninger’s approach to the film. What do you think? What would you add to Schweninger’s interpretation? Would you take a different approach all together? In Chapter Ten, “In the Form of a Spider: The Interplay of Narrative Fiction and Documentary in Skins, Lee Schweninger points out that Chris Eyre’s Skins is a narrative fiction film based on Paiute writer Adrian Louis’ 1995 novel of the same title. Although a work of fiction, the film adaptation also evokes the style of a documentary film. Yet, Skins, as Schweninger argues, “offers a balance between the very real world of reservation life in general and another very real but very different world, the one controlled by Iktomi, the shape-shifting trickster” (159). How does the director use the establishing shots to evoke the documentary genre? Discuss how Eyre uses flashforwards and flashbacks to introduce the viewer to Iktomi. How does the juxtaposition of these early scenes contrast the realism that viewers expect of a documentary with the equally realistic spiritual realm? How does the use of voiceover help the viewer to move between the two genres? Schweninger asserts that Eyre includes an historical perspective. What method does Eyre employ as a means of including an historical perspective? How and when does Eyre use flashbacks and flashforwards to suggest the relationship between the past (history), the present, and the future? Finally, How might Schweninger’s theory and method inform your interpretation of Rhymes for Young Ghouls? How would you alter or contribute to Schweninger’s approach after viewing either Rhymes for Young Ghouls? Sources Skins: Rhymes of Ghouls: Schweninger’s Imagic Moments Chapter 10:

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