Cholera in Haiti

This individual/group field experience paper is a scholarly paper. Follow guidelines from your APA text regarding punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and correct APA reference format. You must include five research-based references but may have more. Three of the references must be primary sources and two may be from secondary sources (sources will be provided). Use headings as listed here. Abstract. 5%. Follows title page. Introduction. 10%.

A. Begin with something interesting, e.g., a quote or a sentence to interest the reader. Introduce your background planning and how you decided on this research experience (Experience is based on a research study regarding cholera in Haiti). You may want to link to your area of interest in nursing (health promotion)

B. Introduce the research field experience. What is the focus of the experience this semester? Focus was on annotated bibliographies, gathering information regarding cholera in haiti. Are there particular concepts of interest? (how to eradicate cholera in haiti and nursing education in Haiti).

C. Tell why there’s a need for the research being conducted during the field experience. Review of Literature. (30%)


Your brief ROL will synthesize information about the research area of interest. You are required to cite THREE primary sources and TWO other citations about the topic of interest (will be provided. see attachments). Look at the sources you reviewed to get ideas about synthesizing literature and summarizing findings rather than summarizing each article. Tell why you think each research article you reviewed has relevance to your research experience. Research Experience (50%). This section should include highlights of the research experiences. Discuss the research experience of group members. Please include narrative from the interview conducted with your research preceptor (communication with preceptor was every 2 weeks via email and webcam) Future Plans/Summary (5 %). Final summary paragraph should include how this research will contribute to nursing science. Include recommendations for future research. Include the groups’ perception of the research project. The final paragraph should be written so that any person without knowledge of your previous written information could understand your experience.

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