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Geology 216: Presentation Instructions
You will need to put together a small presentation for this course. You will present the last weeks of class during the normal class times in a comfortable group environment. There are only a few rules…as I don’t want to restrict your topic or creativity. First you must pick a topic of your choice linking civil engineering and geology in some aspect. This can cover a wide variety of topics so don’t be shy about throwing out ideas. Feel free to ask me about topics before you submit your topic. Topics must be specific and not general to avoid overload of information. Topics can even reach into industry, production and manufacturing. If it somehow relates to any aspect of geology, is fairly specific and has a civil engineering slant, I will likely approve your topic. Once you decide on a topic please bring it to class or my office for approval on the date requested. I will need a tentative title and several bullet points describing your key ideas and what you will be discussing. I will either approve it or give you a suggestion for change. If you need help with a topic I can help.Civil Engineering Homework Help


1. You must present in a presentation format using PowerPoint. Other formats will work but please make sure they work with the projector system and class computer before you come to class to avoid unwanted distraction.
2. Your presentation should be around 5-10 slides
3. Your presentation should be around 5-10 minutes. If you go over 12 minutes or so please let me know ahead of time so I can plan for space.
4. You must have at least 4 references for your presentation. References can be websites, journals, book chapters or other video sources.
5. You must have an introduction slide
6. You must use at least 3 figures (pictures, graphs, tables, figures, graphics, short animation etc., or one you made or compiled yourself.) At least one must be a “non picture” resource. Feel free to use more if you need.
7. As stated in #6, you must also include some actual data in your talk. This can be a graph, a table, numbers you have pulled out of text from your reading, like percentages etc. and put into a graph or table format. Make sure to cite information used on the same slide. If you put it at the end it is hard to assimilate for an oral presentation.
8. Your topic must be specific enough that some significant information is expressed. Please no huge general topics.
Topics must be approved. Please make sure you submit your topic before starting your presentation. Civil Engineering Homework Help

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