Civil Litigation and Practice

Please read all the documents attached at Annex A and then answer  ALL of  the questions.


Your work must be word-processed or typed.

Please use double spacing and leave a margin all around the page.

Word limit: 1,500 words max.

If the assignment is over 10% more than the word limit, the mark will be reduced by 10%

Note: case names will not be counted.

Lengthy footnotes will be counted if you use the Oxford referencing system.

Warning : Do not introduce material in the footnotes if using the Oxford system which should be in the main text

Please complete a bibliography at the end of your work.

In calculating your word count you should assume that the claim form equates to 500 words leaving up to a maximum of 1000 words for the rest of the coursework.


Assessment criteria:

This piece of work assesses whether students have –

1. Devised and carried out appropriate research.

2. Accurately identified the issues.

3.Demonstrated knowledge of the practice, procedure and the legal principles in defined area of law.

4. Applied the relevant legal principles and procedure to factual situations and produced tenable solutions to issues.


5.  Shown mastery of the conventions of English writing, including grammar and spelling.

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