Class: Management Multicultural Workforce

Class: Management Multicultural Workforce

Text book: Ferraro, G. and Briody, E. (2013) Cultural dimension of global business. (7th ed.) Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

ISBN 10: 9780205835591

Chapter: Chapter 5 – Negotiating across Cultures

Business Customs and Practices; Coping with Organizational Socialization

*Note from the instructor (Instructor is strict on these points) 
Everyone, remember that a solid paragraph should contain at least 5 sentences. All assignments/discussion require references and should reference weekly/outside readings. Also you must include questions when submitting all Q&A written weekly question assignments. All weekly written assignments/case studies should contain at least 3 paragraph responses per question.

Case Study:

For this case study, assume you work for a U.S. aviation company that is preparing to negotiate a contract in another country. Your task is to propose a negotiation strategy and a negotiation team. You will summarize the company, the opportunity country, the pre-negotiation tasks (negotiation team membership, training, and barriers that may arise during the negotiations) in a 3 – 4 page paper, including APA formatted in-paper citations and a reference page.

Choose an aviation company from the list below (or propose one of your own).  Assume that the company would like to branch out into the international arena.

1. Composite Resources, Rock Hill, South Carolina (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
2. Boeing, Seattle Washington (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
3. Lockheed Martin (Links to an external site.)
Choose a country from the list (or propose one of your own). You can find information on the World Trade Organization Trade Profiles (Links to an external site.) webpage.

Write a paragraph long summary of the company’s mission and international growth goals. Write a summary of why the country chosen would provide opportunities for the company. Provide a few statistics and references.

  Evaluate your company/country and the opportunity country on the following topics:

1. Holistic vs. sequential
2. Individualism vs. collectivism
3. Direct vs. indirect
4. Formal vs. informal
5. Change vs. change adverse
6. Detailed written contracts vs. general written contracts
7. Short-term relationships vs. long-term relationships
8. Flexible vs. inflexible

  Identify problems/barriers that may arise during negotiations. Propose ways to alleviate these problems.

Explain the rational for your negotiation team membership selection. Identify each team member’s position, what they will contribute, and specific skills/experience/capabilities they should exhibit during negotiations.

  The following websites may help in completing this case study.

• World Trade Organization – distance learning (Links to an external site.)
 U.S. Census Bureau – U.S. Military Exports (Links to an external site.)
• International Trade Administration – publications (Links to an external site.)
• International Air Transport Association – Press Room (Links to an external site.)
• The World Trade Organization  – developing negotiation skills (Links to an external site.)
• The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (Links to an external site.): Trade Site (Links to an external site.) 
• US. Department of Commerce – Doing Business in China (Links to an external site.)

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