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Description Research Essay Assignment Two (1,000-1,250 words) Three sources total (minimum two outside sources) The Climate Change Dilemma For unit two we read several essays on global warming, climate change, and environmental disaster. Almost all of these readings agree that there is a simple solution to the threat of climate catastrophe: quickly reduce the amount of carbon we emit into the atmosphere through the adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power. And yet, there seems to be an enormous amount of disagreement about how exactly to make that happen and whether or not it is even possible without a radical reorganization of human life on the planet. This leads to what you think is the fundamental underlying question that haunts all discussions of climate change and global warming: we know exactly what must be done, we seem to have the capacity to make it happen, and yet we are doing almost nothing. Why? That is the question  you will consider for this second essay assignment: “Why is climate change such an intractable problem to solve? What is holding us back? And how do we overcome those obstacles in order to avoid climate catastrophe? Requirements: For this assignment write a 4-5 page research essay in which you offer an answer to all of the questions above in the form of a single, focused argument. This argument must first explain why you think climate change is such an intractable problem and what you think can or should be done to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of solving it. Your essay must use at least three (and no more than six) sources as evidence and support for your argument. At least two of these sources must be drawn from essays or texts that we did NOT read in class. In other words, you will have to do some research for this research essay. All sources must be properly cited in MLA format and should be included in a works cited page at the end of your essay. For more on how to cite sources using the MLA format, see the handout on Blackboard Outline: Here is a snapshot of at least one way you might choose to organize your essay. Paragraph One: For this opening paragraph  briefly introduce your subject (the climate change dilemma, for instance) then offer an answer to the questions above in the form of a thesis statement. By the end of this opening paragraph your reader (assume your reader knows very little about the issue) should have a clear understanding of the general subject of the essay, the question being addressed, and what your argument is in response to that question. Remember to consider the “So What?” and the “Who Cares?” when presenting your argument to the reader. Paragraphs Two and Following: Explain and develop your argument in greater detail and use the concepts we studied in the first section of the textbook (quotation, paraphrase, summary, etc) to help explain and provide evidence and support for your argument by using and engaging with what other people have said about the issue (in other words, your sources). You may want to first spend a paragraph or two talking about why the problem of climate change is so intractable and then a paragraph or two explaining what you think can or should be done to overcome those obstacles. On the other hand, you may organize your essay in any way that you think is best for helping your reader understand your argument. Also be sure to consider the objections of those who might disagree with you and to offer some counter-arguments when appropriate. Final Paragraph: As always your final paragraph should reiterate in some interesting way your overall argument and remind the reader why that argument matters.

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