Clinical Area Paper

Theoretical learning is assessed via a 3,000 word report. In health and social care services, reports are the principal means by which professionals provide information and analysis to support decision-making. Reports may also be used to update others on the progress of a project or to discuss how professional innovations will require a change in practice. Anyone can produce a report for circulation to senior staff, managers, colleagues or junior staff. Assessment will therefore afford you further opportunity to practise this key writing skill for professional practice. The report will follow a standard structure enabling you to document a practice development activity in which you are expected to demonstrate understanding of the learning outcomes for the Module in relation to the implementation of a change or innovation in practice.

Learning outcomes:

1.Provide critical and reflective analysis of complex aspects of nursing practice in relation to the principles of leadership, management and team working which respects the contribution of patients, carers, health, social and voluntary services.

2. Synthesise evidence to support proposals for innovation to enhance quality and equity and improve health outcomes.

3. Critically analyse how emergent policy, social, environmental and ethical factors will influence the provision of health and social care.

4. Critically appraise research and evidence based practice to inform decision making and evaluate care.

5. Critically evaluate the value of your professional contribution to service improvement, in the context of collaborative, inter-professional working.

6. Develop critical and analytical skills as a reflective, lifelong learner which recognises the need for continuing professional development.  

Assignment Title:

“Considerations For Implementing (A Change) In The (Clinical Area)”


Identify and critically discuss a change or innovation in practice in relation to the factors likely to influence the successful implementation and evaluation of this change within a clinical area relevant to your chosen field of practice.

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