Cognitive Development

2-3 PAGES  APA FORMAT  NO PLAGIRISM you will be developing a 1-week curriculum consisting of 4 daily lesson plans. Each lesson plan will include 3 objectives aimed to foster the (a) cognitive (Module 2), (b) socio-emotional (Module 3), and (c) moral and character development (Module 4) of a particular age group of young children in a specified ECD classroom. Corresponding with each set of objectives (set = per area of development) will be 3 specific activities that the children in your ECD classroom will be engaged in—as a means of meeting each objective. Also, you will prepare a research-based rationale that supports your lesson objectives and corresponding activities. The curriculum document that you are to prepare and submit is your daily lesson plans for 1 particular week—indicating your “plan” for fostering the cognitive, socio-emotional, and moral & character development of the children in your early childhood development (ECD) classroom. Toward this end, each portion of your curriculum document that you will be submitting at the end of each module should be developed with the following target audience and corresponding purposes in mind: Yourself: Your lesson plans should be developed to the extent and in the manner, such that it serves as your daily reminder of what it is that you will be doing with the children in your ECD classroom on any one particular day within this particular week. Guest Teacher/Substitute: Imagine you are not able to make it in to your classroom to teach these lessons. In your place will be a guest teacher/substitute who will be responsible for meeting each of the cognitive objectives via the activities that you had planned for each day. As such, your lesson plans should be developed to the extent and in the manner, such that this guest teacher/substitute will know exactly how to lead the children in your ECD classroom through each purposeful activity. Parents Your interest in working with young children in the ECD education environment will undoubtedly call for you to work with the parents of these children to varying extents, in varying capacities—spanning from parent conferences to having parent volunteers in your classroom. As such, it is of utmost importance for you to readily articulate a rationale for each objective and corresponding activity that you will be doing with your children in your classroom on any one given day. Toward this end, prepare a 1/2 to 1 full page document that provides this rationale. Importantly, this rationale is to support your objectives and corresponding activities via the theoretical research and relevant professional resources.   Write a narrative essay and discuss your response to the following topics. Respond to the following assignment criteria. Prepare the “cognitive” segments of your 5-day curriculum. Using the guidelines above develop 5 objectives (1 per day). Describe 3 corresponding activities that foster the appropriate level of cognitive development of the children in your ECD classroom.

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