Communication in health organization Paper #2

You may use more than 4 sources, and use at least two of the unit 7 attachments. Purpose: The objective of this assignment is to apply health and culture concepts from the readings to The World Health Organization (WHO). This assignment is worth 100 points. Instructions: The WHO is the premier health organization representing a global collaboration of diverse health needs and programs. Of the various health topics important to its mission, the WHO is very active in learning and addressing issues related to the social determinants of health. According to its website: The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, including the health system. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels, which are themselves influenced by policy choices. The social determinants of health are mostly responsible for health inequities – the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between countries. Social determinants of health are inextricably linked to culture, and there are alarming statistics about global health. After reviewing 10 facts about health inequities and their causes (, think about what stands out to you. What do you find most surprising or troubling? What do you think you might do from your individual perspective to understand health disparities in your community? Are there groups, non-profit organizations, or health institutions currently working to address health disparities in the city of Houston? After reviewing the areas, pick one and respond in a paper with a minimum 1500 words about the significance of the chosen area.  Apply one or more of the Unit 7 readings to your paper.  APA Style preferred, but MLA style will also be accepted. o APA Formatting and Style Guide o MLA Formatting and Style Guide

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