Compare early river valley and classical civilizations.

 In a well written, robust response, compare early river valley and classical civilizations. Keep in mind you have now completed two units in early world history; unit one addressed the early river valley period and unit two addressed the classical period. What topics can you include in this essay for comparative analysis? Focus on the basic and defining features of the early river valley and the classical civilizations (beliefs, economies, political institutions, social structures, etc.) and remind yourself that classical civilizations were not simply a continuation of early river valley civilizations! You will need to include specific examples – do not assume the reader knows anything about either period in world history! Do not cut and paste information from websites and do not copy word from word from your text. It is perfectly fine to rely on sources to help you compose your essay, but you MUST cite all sources. For this essay you may use APA citations. If you do not know how to use APA, refer to the Purdue Owl website for assistance. I will include the link in the course announcements. I do not require a specific “length” for any given essay. If you write robustly and fully address the task, you do not need to be hyper-focused on how many pages you are writing. Write with clarity and with confidence! Please refer to the rubric for any specifics about how your response will be assessed. Some notes on your writing as you get started! • Times New Roman, size 12 font • Single space • Indent paragraphs • Proper spacing after ending punctuation • Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes o For example, please do not defile the personal pronoun “I” by writing it in the lowercase. o Capitalize all proper nouns o Use ending punctuation o Pay attention to subject verb agreement o Avoid run on sentences What is a comparative analysis essay? A comparative analysis essay focus on finding the most significant differences or similarities about facts or events. When analyzing two items, the author can either analyze the similarities or the difference or combine both the differences and similarities.)

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