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1. The students need to register and get acquainted with NU Careers, since it’s through them that the students will find job offers.
2. Students need to create their curriculum and cover letters, and have their friends, family, or advisors help them with editing.Computer Science homework help
3. They also need to participate in the Career Fairs and events that the university hosts.
4. They need to reach out to their co-op advisor.
5. And they need to search for job openings every couple of days, since new offers might appear in NU Careers.
6. After being selected for an interview, the students must prepare for it, researching about the company, practicing how they present themselves, and how they approach the interviewers.


1. The students at Northeastern want to have one or more professional experiences, while in college. They need these experiences to boost their curriculum, as well as their professional lives, so when they graduate college, they are better prepared to start their careers.Computer Science homework help
2. These professional experiences also give students a chance to learn networking skills, which are vital for their professional careers.
3. They also might need a recommendation letter in the future from a former employer.
4. Some students will also learn what it feels like to earn their paychecks, which can be an enriching experience and helps them mature into adults.
1. Students applying for the first time may feel overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to find a job, increasing their anxiety levels.
2. International students are already at a disadvantage because they don’t have a green card and might be subjected to fewer options than the American students.
3. There is a high level of bureaucracy involved in this process, which is demotivating for students.
4. Going through interviews also increases students’ anxiety. The only way to mitigate that is by doing practice interviews with friends, family, or their advisors.
5. For students with mental health issues, being in a new environment with new people is stressful, so they might need extra support from the university.  Computer Science homework help

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