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Knowing the best door and windows lock for your property can be a minefield. One can find more than a hundred types of both of these items. But you need to select the one which is best suited for your property (Ha, 2015). With several options available, you may find it difficult to reach the best conclusion. Computer Science homework help.  Here is a little guidance for you to take into consideration before selecting the one that is perfect for your home.

Types of Door Locks Found

There are both types of locks available, one which is the conventional ones which need a key for access. Secondly, there are electronic door locks. They are one of the most famous alternatives to conventional door locks. They are in use everywhere right from your homes to the most luxurious hotels and suits.


Door Type 1

This type belongs to some rather simple door types. They are steel doors that are efficient and sturdy. Door type 1 can be categorized as either solid or hollow. For these door types, you can have access to some of the simplest locking systems. These locking systems have distinctive lock cylinder mechanisms. For instance, one can find these lock cylinder mechanisms along with reversible as well as spanner keys. The best thing about these door type 1 locks is that they are quite affordable (SARAÇOĞLU ÇELİK, 2015). You can also use shutters made out of steel and lock them at the bottom when you go out. They are long-lasting and it required a bare minimum effort to maintain them. You can use these door-type locks where security is of greater concern. But you need to ensure that you select a lock that is resistant to picking.

Door Type 2

Door type 2 belongs to the category of doors allowing keyless entries. You can’t just beat these remote-control locks for providing you with convenience and comfort. Their work has a resemblance to the lock that is provided in the cars. They have a code system that changes automatically after every entry is made. This type of system provided you with a sense of security. You can stay at peace knowing that there would be no other control used to break into your homes. Besides, you can also gain access to some of these door-type models where they provide you with door locks that can open up with the mere touch of your fingertip. They can also be opened with the help of your smartphone devices. Their prices vary according to the brand and other additional features that are included.

Types of Window Locks Found

Windows are one of the potential entry points for many intruders. Hence, before installing one of the window locks, you need to carefully ensure that you have got the best one for your home (Tseloni et al., 2017). With several options available, you must know their features. One of your sliding window lock which is available for sliding windows. Another type of lock found is window pin lock which is in trend nowadays.  Computer Science homework help.

Window Type 1

In this category, you have the sliding windows. Today, they are found in almost every other home. For this window type 1, you have the sliding window lock available in the market. They have an easy installation process and can be mounted on your windows without the use of tools. Their lock can be found in varied forms of the bar, sash, or even a wedge. You can install it on the track of the sliding windows to avoid the window from opening. Additionally, you can also install a key mechanism for extra security for these types of window types.

Window Type 2

Window type 2 is about the windows that use the window pin lock system. If you have windows with single hung or double hung, then they are perfect for you. This pin lock system makes use of two separate parts. Computer Science homework help. Firstly, one which you need to install on the window itself, and the other one is needed on the window frame (Tseloni et al., 2017). There is a certain advantage with these window lock systems. If you drill holes at multiple heights in the frames, you have the liberty to open your window a crack for airflow. But it will remain pinned.


If it comes to the security purposes of your personal property, it is significant to know about all the in’s and out’s the property. The most reliable and advanced door lock system may fail if you do not have a proper window lock system and vice versa. They both go parallel and you need to ensure the security of both of these vulnerable points of your property. You should not rush in selecting a lock system and never compare it with your next-door neighbor or relatives. Every door and window has different needs regarding the lock systems, so choose carefully.

Door Lock Improvement 1

There can be some improvements made in simple door locks. They make use of reversible or spanner keys which is a convenient way of securing your property. However, they are quite vulnerable to lock-picking so ensure you have the best lock system for use. There are some unique lock keys available that cannot be copied. So ensure that you that with you because most of these keys can be copied or you can lose them. Besides, they must also add some extra functions aside from locking and unlocking. It will provide more convenience to people. Computer Science homework help.


Door Lock Improvement 2

The keyless entry door locks which are also a type of electronic lock provides a high level of security. However, there are certain areas where they need improvements. For instance, these locks consist of batteries to avoid the lock getting disabled in case any blackout occurs. They also have high chances of getting worn out, which will leave the lockout of service. Hence, to avoid such problems, they must be charged according to the periods outlines by their providers. Besides, these locks are fragile concerning their physical force. They are breakable with the right tools, so always conceal them to avoid easy manipulation.

Window Lock Improvement 1

For the sliding window locks, there is enough room for improvement available for their clients. But if you are using the wedge lock system, then you will be deprived of ventilation options particularly for double-hung vertical sash windows. Hence, ventilation options is a need for these type of window locks (Tseloni et al., 2017). People also use bar locks instead of wedge locks for sliding windows. But, you cannot open or close these bars from inside of your house. Hence, it is of no use in case of an emergency evacuation. The manufacturers should look into these and provide flexibility to avoid causing such problems.

Window Lock Improvement 2

The pin lock system is usually considered a safer option. But it may cause you a problem if you forget the pin. Hence, you must change your codes from time to time because buttons get worn out after repeated use. Besides, power failure is also a massive problem in this modern technology. Hence, you should always keep a backup traditional key with you until an improvement is made. They are also quite expensive so the manufacturer should try to lower down the price considering the need for these lock systems.  Computer Science homework help.


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