Conceptions of curriculum for learners beyond the year 2020 and the conception/s part in the shaping of education.

• 3000 words.

• This task is an essay on conceptions of curriculum for learners beyond the year 2020 and the conception/s part in the shaping of education. • Identify and rationalise YOUR personal conception (YOUR VISION) (it should not be one of Print’s [1993] and must be justified through the literature on curriculum theory).

• Examine how knowledge is constructed and shared in your context. • The discussion should present operational and strategic examples of the application of your conception. • Consider the notion of nationalised curriculum models and the issues that may impact developing curriculum for your specific field of education. • You must use at least one source from this website ( and another source from (Melbourne Declaration on Educational goals for young Australians) • 17 resources APA6 style. • This essay includes (Thesis statement and Conclusion) • There are some reading I will upload my help you, and you must use 4-5 from readings you will be widely read in your area of educational practice. Therefore, your focus should be to contextualise the ‘general’ materials provided (related to curriculum) and blend them with the literature of your particular field of education to produce a coherent and cohesive argument for a ‘conception’ of the curriculum. (Print, M. [1993] Curriculum Development and Design [2nd Edition]. St Leonards: Allen & Unwin – Chapter 2 “Curriculum Presage” pp26-59) gives you six fully explained examples of a curriculum ‘conception’. Print’s (1993) work should have served as a stepping-off point for your thinking. It is your job is to develop a new, personalised and compelling ‘conception’ of curriculum for the year 2020 and beyond, alongside a critical discussion of associated curriculum theory that supports your model and fulfils the requirements of the assessment. Work should have served as a stepping-off point for your thinking Be sure your paper cover all this in deep and make your argument strong 1- Thesis statement 2- Conception Identified 3- Rationale 4- Context of Teaching and Learning 5- Knowledge construction and sharing 6- Operational +Strategic examples 7- National Curriculum 8- Quality of Argument 9- write as Australian style

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