Conduct a career-research investigation which analyzes

For this research project, produce an essay which addresses ONE of the following three prompts: 1. How does your major or discipline affect local or regional issues in the area where you live (this can mean Pocatello/Idaho/the Intermountain West, but can also mean your hometown/region—if your hometown or home region is in a non-English speaking area, please note that your sources for this discussion must be in English). This research project MUST incorporate an interview or personal communication with a local expert. 2. Conduct a career-research investigation which analyzes: degree/certification requirements, work environment, job placement, relative pay scales, and other aspects of the career you plan to enter upon completion of your degree. This research project requires a personal anecdote which introduces the essay, and explains why you want to pursue this field.

3. Complete an analysis/comparison discussion of two peer-reviewed articles on the same subject within your major field of study (instructions posted under separate cover on Moodle) You should take some care to narrow your topic by the use of a clear research question. The paper might explain an event or a process, pose an argument, examine arguments about a specific issue, etc. Criteria: • • Must have a clear, narrow thesis • Must reference at least six primary or secondary sources Acceptable sources include: o Academically appropriate material from ISU’s library website databases o Government websites on the subject (the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook would be especially helpful for Prompt B) o Books on the subject o Journal or general news magazine articles on the subject o Interviews with experts in the field (note that Prompt A *requires* such an interview) o Academically appropriate websites or databases on the subject · • Must contain useful, concrete, specific details and examples in support of your thesis Mechanical Requirements: • Clear introduction, transitions, and conclusion • Well-organized • Must conform to the general standards of Written Standard English (spelling, usage, grammar, punctuation) Formal requirements: • • MLA or APA citation style throughout, depending on your major (humanities = MLA; social and other sciences = APA) • • 1250-1500 words (before references list)

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