Conflict Resolution

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D stands for Discover, Describe and Deliver. The assignments purpose is to discover something that particularly interests you about conflict in organizations; describe what you have learned about it (using observation, interviews, citing research or reporting) and then deliver this information (with slides, Prezi, video or other media/ representations). Some of you will have the opportunity to present in class (and to broaden your classmates understanding) while others will present to Sarah and Dr.C. (There is usually not enough class time for all possible 3D Presentations.)

A good place to start is to review the nine course topics that we will cover (see Syllabus) and find one that particularly interests you. Then do the reading and see which specific questions or issues grab your attention.

3-D Projects can be conducted individually or in pairs. By the 3-D Project proposal due date, you will submit a 1 page proposal in which you will: identify the topic and why it interests you, list relevant readings (course, additional), describe your method of analysis, and note what you hope to learn. You will also sign up for a time slot in an upcoming class session when you will �deliver� the results of your investigation to the class. (If you are working with a partner, you should both be a part of the presentation.) Though it may be difficult to limit your read out, presentations need to be limited to 12 minutes. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback and input from your classmates and from me.

Try to narrow your topic, making it as specific as possible. You have only a few weeks to research it. It may be helpful to think of it as an exploratory first step in a longer project. Remember it is important to convey why this topic is important to you and what you hope to learn from the project.

Examples of previous 3D projects include:

� Interviews and observations of multi-cultural team members about their experiences, analyzed using relevant course reading and other sources.

� Analysis of a video clip highlighting how communication and conflict are linked, drawn from the class readings on communication and conflict and other resources.

� Re-enactment of a conflict scenario illuminating how emotion plays out in organizational conflict, again informed by the class syllabus and other readings

� Description of a student s research interest (e.g., in leadership, gender roles, mindfulness in the workplace) and an analysis of the intersection with conflict processes in organizations. What is known and what are avenues to explore further?

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