Confucianism Essay.

 The purpose of this writing assignment is to apply Confucian philosophy to your own life. You should do this in no more than 800 words (about four properly formatted pages), addressing the following questions in this order: I. In 150-200 words, provide a Confucian critique of how you used Hindu and Buddhist philosophy to describe your own life. II. In 200-250 words, address the following questions: Which relationships are most important in your life, the ones in which people are mostly treated as equals or the ones in which people are mostly treated according to their accomplishments or ability? What does this tell you about how you think yourself and the people you’re closest to? III. Think about one or two of your moral role models, and in 250-300 words address the following question: Is there anything you can do this term to become more like your role models in some specific, demonstrable, actionable way? How would you hold yourself accountable for doing it?

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