You need to read at least 15 peer-reviewed journal articles for this essay. Use relevant theory to support your answer – without references to relevant journal articles, you will struggle to achieve the higher grades 2. Ignore journal articles older than 15 years – focus on those articles written after 2000 3.Ensure you have references on EVERY page. Use 2-4 references for each argument you make. Relying on ONE author/paper for an argument is not good academic practice. 4. Your main source of research should be journal articles, but 1 or 2 book references are allowed. Website references ARE NOT allowed as the academic rigor of many websites is questionable. Note that GOOGLING is not an appropriate research method, and sites like Wikipedia are completely unacceptable (please see my CW PowerPoint slides for more details about this). 5. Essays must be correctly referenced according to the Harvard Referencing style. 6. Quotes must be indented where appropriate. Please note that while a few quotes help you make your argument, too many quotes will result in a loss of marks. 

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