Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Assessment Overview: Assume a position of a marketing consultant specialised in consumer behaviour. A firm which expects to launch a series of home appliances requires you to write them a report exploring consumer behaviour aspects of home appliances. Aim: This assignment aims to achieve 1st learning objective of the unit of study. It also facilitates developing some of the generic skills listed in the unit outline.


1. Select three brands from one product category* of home appliances that you use frequently (e.g., Philips food processor, Breville coffee maker, and Stelton Emma electric kettle)

2. Find an artefact of each brand (e.g., a product label, design, packaging or advertisement)

3. Identify a different consumer behaviour theory that underpins each artefact, so try to select diverse artefacts to make the task easier for yourself.

4. Write a report demonstrating your ability to apply the concepts you learned during week 1-5 to this practical situation by performing a consumer behaviour analysis.

5. Remember to recommend key aspects of consumer behaviour the firm should pay attention to.

Other requirements:

(1) Use 11pt Times New Roman font. Left, right, top and bottom margins should be one inch (2.54 cm). Line spacing 1.5.

(2) Refer Summers J, & Smith B. (2014). Report Writing Communication Skills Handbook, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. to find more details on report writing formats.

(3) The report, a cover sheet, references and appendices to be assembled in one document and uploaded as an electronic copy to Blackboard.

(4) Use Harvard referencing convention. Helpful information on referencing can be found at Harvard-quick-guide and for more information click: here

(5) A minimum of 10 references (include at least 4 journal articles) to be used throughout your report. 

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