Contemporary U.S. Public Address

Contemporary U.S. Public Address Paper The paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria (listed in order of importance):  1) Quality of research and argumentation,  2) Connections to course readings,  3) Thoroughness and depth of analysis or investigation,   4) Strength of writing (structure, clarity and eloquence), and   5) Contribution to the study of public address. Papers should consist of:  An introduction (proposal minus bio) that establishes your rhetor’s significance and outlines the structure and arguments of the paper.  Biography (with parenthetical references) Speech Analysis (with parenthetical references) with backing (research from annotated bibliography) added to support arguments. Define concepts using the course text and include extensive quotations or paraphrases of the speech to illustrate your claims.  A conclusion (proposal minus introductory material) that reflects your rhetor’s contributions to civic life, summarizes your arguments in the analysis, and ends on a strong note.   References or Works Cited list (alphabetized citations only – no annotated bibliography summaries). References should follow an accepted citation style (MLA or APA preferred). The Link : 1/Title for paper 2/Intro( proposal) / 2 pages Preview rest of paper 3/ biography / 5 pages 4/ analysis + backing/ 6-8 pages 5/ conclusion about rhetoric ( implications) / 1-2 pages Total / 17 pages    

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