Cost It Out ­ Union Negotiations

Cost It Out

.Your company is ready to begin negotiations with the union. One of the items they have asked for is

a 50? per hour raise. You need to cost it out to see if this is something you can do. What numbers

do you need to find to help you decide if your company will agree to this? List at least 5 kinds of

numbers you will use to find this information. Why are each of these numbers important? How will

you put them together to figure out if your company can afford this?

You do not need to use exact numbers and show calculations; you need to talk about the types of

numbers. However, if you find it easier to explain by putting in hypothetical numbers and showing an

example, that is fine. This does not have to be written in essay format, but you do need to use

proper grammar with APA format on both in­text citations and references page

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