Country Economic Data Breifing

1. Go to The World Factbook. Click on
2. ?In the upper right dropdown click on south korea.
3. click on “Economy” and use the data there to complete the Country Economic Data Worksheet provided by your professor.
4. Consider Equation, Week 5 Assignment: Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis
Textbook Supplements, and assess the implications of the economic data you collected for south korea.
5. Write a 1.5-page business brief describing what variables have caused aggregate demand and supply to shift in the recent past in the economy of your chosen country. What variables have been most impactful on GDP? What, if any, additional data would be helpful to you in explaining changes in GDP?
6. use the attached Excel template for collecting and analyzing the Variables that impact your country’s Aggregate Demand (AD) or Aggregate Supply (AS) Curve. List 4 to 5 variables that impact AD and at least 2 variables that impact AS. Also note the Spending Component(s) impacted and the direction of the Shift of the Curve.
7. then copy the table from Excel and “paste as picture” into your write-up (Word document). Then further describe in words your data/information in the table and the impact to your country’s AD and AS.

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